Mike Day

International and NUS-USI Director


Mike Day is the Director of Devolved Nations and Internationalism which means he provides leadership for the staff teams and support for elected officers within NUS-USI, NUS Wales and NUS Scotland.

He also co-ordinates NUSUK’s international relations with student organisations on a global basis.

Mike has over thirty years’ involvement and experience in the student movement in a variety of roles at a local, national and international level.

He is also the author of “NUS 90 1922 – 2012” a history of NUS.



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  1. SUN tian says:

    Hello, I’m from China. I’m expecting to know how could we buy a copy or get a copy of National Union of Students: 1922-2012. Thanks!

    • Laura Stobo says:

      Hi there
      Thank you for the email. We shall pass your enquiry onto Mike Day who will respond to you directly.
      Best wishes.

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