Five reasons to turn up on the fifth

By NUS-USI LGBT Officer Conor Loughran

The Belfast Pride Parade is an incredibly important event. Not only is it a celebration of LGBT+ people and our achievements, it is also a protest against the discrimination and prejudice which affects us every day. This is a really important year for the fight for civil rights in Northern Ireland, the tide is turning and with every week marriage equality seems closer and more achievable than ever before.

We’re inviting you to join the student bloc on Saturday and here are just five reasons why you should be there:

1. Turn up for equality, to fight for the basic rights which everyone should have a right to.

2. Turn up for protest, to stand in solidarity and send a message, loud and clear, that we will not relent, that we will not forget and that we will never give up this fight.

3. Turn up for your family and friends, to show that stand side by side with those you care about.

4. Turn up for love, because love knows no borders, no race, nor gender. Love is universal, it’s timeless and everyone has a right to it, no matter who they are.

5. Turn up and be a part of history, to join in a movement to create a brighter, better future for all people.
Meet us at Custom House Square this Saturday to show that you will not stand for injustice, discrimination or inequality. Come to march, come united and unafraid, to send a message that we will be heard and we will never fade – we demand equality and we demand it now.

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