Student Leader says get careers advice after GCSEs to help make right choices

On the day GSCE results are published, NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said that there are many excellent opportunities open to students no matter what results they receive. Olivia also encouraged anyone who received exam results to seek careers advice and guidance from trained advisors at their education institution or at an FE institution that they are thinking of going to.

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “I want to congratulate everyone on their results, and anyone who did not get the results should not worry as there could be a number of excellent educational opportunities open to them.

“There are other excellent routes that people can take aside from A-Levels and university. People can study in further education institutions in vocational or other courses or in apprenticeship. All of these options open up significant career opportunities and may be a better route than A-levels for many people. Further and higher education are equally valuable to our economy and equally valuable as regard educational opportunities. It is important that further education is promoted effectively so that people receiving grades are aware of the excellent options that it provides. I also wish to take this opportunity to emphasise the need for further investment in FE to increase student places and provide additional staff with FE colleges to help the sector reach its significant potential.

“Results day is an extremely exciting, but also very challenging time. It is very important that anyone who receives exam grades talks to a careers advisor at their education institution at an FE institution that they are thinking of going to, to discuss which might be the best education or career options for them.”

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