Student movement and PSNI create student survival guide

NUS-USI and the PSNI have worked together to create and publish a student survival guide for Northern Ireland. The guide will be distributed at freshers fairs and will be online for students to access. The guide contains a range of useful information for students to help them address money worries and other concerns they might have, and to help students make the most of their time at university or college.

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “This is a very positive development, and the guide will hopefully help make life easier for students.

“It can be extremely daunting being away from home for the first time and dealing with the money problems and wellbeing challenges that students face. Student wellbeing and mental health are areas that NUS-USI has identified as some of the most significant concerns that students face, and we believe this publication could help greatly in addressing these matters. The recent NUS-USI student wellbeing survey showed that 78% of students surveyed had experienced mental health worries over the past year. This is an extremely worrying finding, and it illustrates the pressure that many students are often under.

“I believe that the guide could be of massive assistance to students, and it’s brilliant to be able to provide this new resource for students.”

The PSNI’s Shireen Fisher from Policing with Community branch states “This guide is important as it benefits us as an organisation to help engage with young people, providing something they can relate to. It is also essential that students have a guide they can refer to as University can be enjoyable but ultimately can become very stressful.”

Link for student survival guide:



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