NUS-USI tours NI Freshers’ fairs

The new academic year has begun and over the last month NUS-USI has been busy visiting around 30 freshers’ fairs across Northern Ireland.

Our student activists were thrilled to have the chance to meet new and returning students, and to find out about the issues which are important to them in the year ahead.

In particular we were asking students to tell us about the worries they have around mental health and money, and to share their thoughts on Brexit.

Not only was this a great chance to talk to students about getting involved in student activism, but we were able to start distributing our Student Survival Guide designed in partnership with the PSNI, to make sure that students kick off the year on a safe note.

A big thank you to all the student’s unions who invited us along; we hope you all had a fun and successful freshers’ week and we’re looking forward to representing you in the months to come!

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