Student movement welcomes moves to introduce marriage equality here

NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran has welcomed moves to introduce marriage equality legislation for Northern Ireland through bills in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran said: “I want to welcome the moves to try and deliver marriage equality here through bills in Westminster. I also wish to take this opportunity to re-iterate loudly and clearly the student movement’s call for immediate marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland has been left playing catch up on other countries who have for a long time had marriage equality. It is essential that this legislation passed and marriage rights are extended as a matter of urgency here.

“Marriage equality is a right that simply must not be denied. What sort of terrible message does it send out to the wider world that Northern Ireland denies marriage rights to a large section of its population. This situation must end immediately, and hopefully this Westminster legislation ensures that it does.”

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