Investment in support for victims of sexual violence and consent research vital

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes has said that government must urgently invest more in support services for victims of sexual violence and in research work around consent in Northern Ireland. NUS-USI is planning to roll-out a large survey in consent to students here later in the year.

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “I call on government to urgently invest in services to support victims of sexual violence in Northern Ireland. It is also crucial that victims are protected and treated with the utmost respect by the authorities, the legal system and by society.

“It is important that clear societal conversations take place to underline that consent is essential. There must be a culture change to ensure respect, consent and to safeguard everyone. There needs to be more research carried out regarding consent in Northern Ireland to highlight the issue.

“NUS-USI is planning to roll-out a survey on consent to students in Northern Ireland later this year, and I believe it is crucial that government invests in conducting research regarding consent across wider society in Northern Ireland.”

Anyone who has experienced sexual violence or wishes to access support can contact Nexus NI on 028 9032 6803, and they work with the PSNI. Also, the number for the 24 hour domestic and sexual violence helpline run by Women’s Aid here is 0808 8021414.

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