20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

NUS-USI, students’ unions and students have worked tirelessly to promote peace on our campuses and in our communities. Our work predated the agreement when NUS and USI joined together in 1972 to represent students from both sides of the community.

Ciaran Hanna, former NUS-USI executive member (1998) wrote;

‘By the time of April 1998, NUS-USI had gone through tremendous change since 1972 and was prepared to greet the new political era with certain hope, as it was mandated to support YES in the forthcoming Belfast Agreement Referendum at its annual Northern Ireland Conference.

Nigel O’ Connor, the outgoing Convenor stated that ‘whilst we are aware of the sensitivities shared by many political constituencies in Northern Ireland towards the agreement, we, nevertheless believe that, on balance, the Good Friday accord represents an honourable framework.’

This step would take NUS-USI forward into the millennium with supreme confidence’.

NUS-USI continues to fight for peace and a shared future with live policy on anti-sectarian campaigns and calling for intergrated education.

Find more about our history here: http://nus-usi.org/who-we-are/history-of-nus-usi/

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