NUS-USI encourages students to attend marriage equality rally on 2 June

NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran has called on students throughout Northern Ireland to take part in the Love Equality rally to call for marriage equality here on Saturday 2 June. NUS-USI is a member of Love Equality, the body calling for provisions to deliver equal marriage in Northern Ireland.

NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran said: “I am extremely pleased that this rally is being organised, and NUS-USI is pleased to be a member of Love Equality. I will be taking part and I hope that decision-makers here take heed of the many people from across the community that will attend to clearly say we need marriage equality here as a matter of urgency.

“I would call on students across Northern Ireland to take part in this rally to create the largest and loudest unified call for marriage equality here possible.

“The collective voice of students simply cannot be ignored. The weight of numbers within the student movement and the fact that students will be our future leaders must be acknowledged and acted upon.

“Northern Ireland must extend marriage rights here as soon as possible. To continue to fail to do so would be a national disgrace, and would undermine Northern Ireland’s ability to market itself as a positive and open place to live, work and visit.”

Further details on the rally will be announced soon.

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