NUS-USI calls on students to give to Love Equality campaign crowdfunding

NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran has called on students here to help fund the Love Equality campaign through its new crowdfunding page. Love Equality is holding a march for marriage equality on Saturday 2 June starting from Writers’ Square in Belfast city centre.

NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran said: “I would call on students and others to support Love Equality and to give to the campaign’s crowdfunding page which has recently been set up.

“Love Equality is doing lot of great work and making a major impact in applying significant pressure on decision-makers to deliver provisions in Northern Ireland that would enable marriage equality here. The campaign need to be well-resourced to fund the march which is happening on 2 June, and to be able to continue the momentum that Love Equality has created.

“It’s extremely important that people who support marriage equality consider providing some funding for Love Equality through the crowdfunding page. If someone can only give a pound or two please do, it doesn’t matter how minimal the donation is, because each pound counts in advancing the movement to deliver marriage equality here.”

The Love Equality campaign crowdfunding page can be found here:

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