Student leader says stop this mess – stop Brexit now

NUS-USI has called for an immediate stop to Brexit. We believe that a people’s vote could provide an opportunity to stop the national embarrassment that is Brexit and millions of 18, 19 and 20 year olds who didn’t have a vote in the 2016 referendum must be given a referendum to vote on their country’s future.

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “Many 20, 19 and 18 years olds didn’t have a vote in the 2016 Brexit referendum and they feel that their future is being sold for scrap. Who could even attempt to deny that they deserve a people’s vote. Give young people a voice through a referendum so that they can own their future.

“Government must halt the Brexit carnage, and if they will not withdraw Article 50 they need to give the public a people’s vote so people can rid the country of this curse that has plagued it for almost two and a half years. Is leadership not about doing the responsible thing?

“NUS-USI has significant concerns about potential negative impacts of Brexit on further and higher education. Losing European Social Fund resources could see the loss of many apprenticeship places across Northern Ireland. Many students travel across the border to study in FE and HE, and we want to ensure that if the UK leaves the EU, student mobility is not damaged and tuition fees don’t increase. We also want to protect the UK’s place in Erasmus+ and access to Horizon 2020 research funding, and the significant resources and opportunities they provide. NUS-USI has been talking about these matters for years and we will not stop until this chaos is ended.

“Almost every day of Brexit brings a fresh humiliation for the UK. The UK has visited national disgrace on an international scale upon itself. It’s international and diplomatic standing is diminishing by the day. NUS-USI calls on government to end the Brexit chaos and give the public a people’s vote so they can vote taking into account the current situation.

“NUS-USI believes that Brexit must be stopped. For the past two years the UK has backed itself into a corner, and this situation will not improve unless government gives itself a way out of this mess.

“The sheer lack of realism and lack of empathy demonstrated by many of those campaigning for a hard Brexit must be countered with a people’s vote. The staggering level of uncertainty, coupled with the international embarrassment the UK has brought upon itself, is extremely damaging for everybody. Stop this nonsense for once and for all, and if the government can’t step up and do the right thing then give us a people’s vote so that we can.”

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