NUS-USI welcomes Irish government assurances on cross border student fees

NUS-USI has welcomed proposals announced by the Irish government to mitigate potential impacts of Brexit upon tuition fees for students studying on a cross border basis in 2019.

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “I am pleased that the Irish Government has provided assurances to mitigate any impact of Brexit on cross border students’ tuition fees. NUS-USI disagrees with having tuition fees in the first place, however in light of the current system of fees, this is a positive announcement.

“NUS-USI has been lobbying for a long time on our concerns regarding the potential impact of Brexit on the fee status of students from Northern Ireland studying in the Republic of Ireland, and also the impact on fees for students from Ireland studying in the North.

“Cross border student mobility is profoundly important not just for student opportunities, but also for the economy across this island.

“I only wish that that more politicians elsewhere in these islands were as proactive and as responsive as the Irish Government has been on the critical issue of Brexit.

“Students and young people are extremely worried about the potential impact of Brexit upon their educational and career opportunities. NUS-USI has consistently stated that we want to see Brexit stopped, and a people’s vote could be a good vehicle by which to do so.”

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