Student leader welcomes Common Travel Area and rights agreement

The President of NUS-USI, the student movement in Northern Ireland, has welcomed news that a Common Travel Area and rights agreement is being delivered at the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference today, to protect rights and cross-border mobility if and when the UK leaves the EU.

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes stated: “This is a very positive development that provides safeguards around cross border mobility and rights. I sincerely hope that this agreement delivers the clarity and protections required to ensure that students and apprentices studying on a cross-border basis will face no increased tuition fees and will retain their full student support.

“The Good Friday Agreement and the rights within it must be protected, and this news marks a significant positive development for Northern Ireland. NUS-USI has consistently called for cross-border mobility to be protected, and this is a win for the rights of citizens in the North and across this island.

“Despite news of these protections, NUS-USI still believes that Brexit must be stopped, because there is no deal or outcome for Northern Ireland that is better than staying in the EU.”

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