Student leader says deliver hope by making a deal to restore Executive

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes has called for politicians here to give students and young people hope for a better future by delivering a deal to restore devolved government in Northern Ireland. NUS-USI exists as part of a U.K. and all Ireland partnership with NUS and USI, and was created more than two decades before the Good Friday Agreement.

Olivia Potter-Hughes stated: “As the student movement for Northern Ireland we are calling on politicians to deliver hope for a better future for students and young people by finding a deal within the current talks process.

“Students want to see social change and progress on rights based issues. We demand a better, more progressive Northern Ireland that legislates for reproductive justice, marriage equality and the Irish language.”

“If the NI politicians are unable to achieve this, Westminster has a duty to act and it is a matter of urgency that immediate reforms are introduced to address Northern Ireland’s human rights failings and give equality to its citizens.

“We don’t want to see thousands of students and young people having to leave Northern Ireland, as they cannot access the rights, educational and career opportunities they deserve. Northern Ireland’s best asset is its people and their skills, and we do not want to see them leave due to the current political landscape. The assembly must do better or step aside entirely.”

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