Abortion and marriage equality vote win is historic development

NUS-USI President, Robert Murtagh, has praised Westminster MPs who voted for amendments to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill 2019 to legislate for marriage equality and decriminalisation of abortion if the executive cannot be formed by 21 October 2019.

NUS-USI continues to urge politician’s in NI to give young people and students’ hope by delivering a deal to restore devolved government to NI. This deal must include access to free, safe and legal abortion services and marriage equality. In the absence of the Assembly, it is right that Westminster deliver on these issues, to ensure NI can be on par with our counterparts in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

NUS-USI President, Robert Murtagh, has said “We need a devolved, working Government in Northern Ireland. Equally, we need marriage equality and free, safe and legal abortion services. We want both as a matter of urgency. It’s what the students and young people here deserve.”

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