Student leader says no-deal Brexit simply cannot be an option

New NUS-USI President Robert Murtagh has said that given the impact that a no-deal Brexit would almost certainly have upon Northern Ireland, it must be ruled out as a matter of urgency.

Robert discussed the potential impact of Brexit upon students across the island of Ireland in a plenary at an all-island student training event in recent days. NUS-USI want to see the UK revoke article 50 and remain a member of the EU.

Robert Murtagh said: “Put simply, there is no better deal than the one we currently have as a member of the EU. A no deal would be a disaster as it is crucial that we protect the Good Friday Agreement and protect the livelihoods and educational opportunities of people in Northern Ireland by revoking article 50.

“In conversations I had with student representatives from across the island of Ireland there are deep concerns about potential damage to student mobility through the imposition of a hard border and through any possible increase in fees as a result of changed status of students. We want to see people given the right to remain in the UK and we want to see the continued recognition of qualifications which Brexit might put in jeopardy. We also want to see access and support funding for Erasmus+ retained along with access to EU research funding programmes. Another key concern is the potentially devastating impact that the loss of European Social Fund cash will have upon the number of apprenticeship places here.

”A stop must be put to all the speculation that we could be subjected to a no-deal Brexit. It is clear that substantive changes to the current Brexit deal will not be possible, and we believe that article 50 should be revoked as a matter of urgency.”

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