Students in Northern Ireland cannot be left behind

Responding to the news that 37% of  estimated grades allocated by teachers to NI’s A-level and AS level students were lowered, NUS-USI President Ellen Fearon said:

“I am immensely proud of every single student in Northern Ireland who is receiving A Level results today. These learners have had to endure unprecedented stress and anxiety over the past few months and they deserve to take this day to celebrate and reflect on their achievements.

“Unfortunately, for many, today simply brings more stress and uncertainty. Across Northern Ireland, A Level results have shown huge anomalies, with over a third of students grades lowered from their teachers predictions. It’s also important that we look beyond these worrying statistics, and think about the direct impact this will have on the futures of individual students.

“The reality is that students in Northern Ireland have not been offered the same safety net as students in the rest of the UK. They will be competing for university places with others who have been guaranteed results no lower than their AS grades, or had their moderated grades scrapped.

“It’s not fair that someone receiving their A level results today is at a disadvantage to their peers simply because they live in Northern Ireland. I would urge anyone who is unhappy with their results to use the appeals process and if they are struggling with their mental health to seek support from their school, college or GP.

“Every single student in the Class of 2020 deserves results which fairly reflect their ability and efforts. The Government needs to take action and introduce a fair and easy to use appeals process, making sure that all schools and colleges have the resources they need to support student through this process quickly in time for the new academic year in September.”

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