Consent – kNOw MORE

Consent – kNOw MORE!


NUS-USI will soon be launching a Northern Ireland wide survey targeted at students and their understanding of consent and sexual assault.

The survey will be the FIRST of its kind across NI.

We have created an Advisory Committee of relevant academics, student representatives, NGO and charity organisations to shape, form, monitor and ensure the survey is as inclusive and representative as possible.

An NI wide survey is extremely important as an evidence base of this size will allow us to lobby key decision makers – including MLA’s, All-Party groups & Institutions. The lobbying of MLA’s will allow us to influence legislative change and make proposals around any RSE strategy in the future. The survey will help institutions and student’s unions across the country to create a sexual violence policy with clear pathways within the college or university for student reporting. It will also give us a platform to develop toolkits for educational campaigns & policies.

This survey was created by the 2017/18 Welfare Officer, Jessica Elder and NUS-USI President 2017-19, Olivia Potter-Hughes