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Consent – kNOw MORE!

*Content Warning: You may find some of the content of this report upsetting. Please do not hesitate to contact the organisations below if you feel distressed or want to talk to someone.
NEXUS NI – 028 9032 6803, 24 hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline: 0808 802 1414, ROWAN: 0800 389 4424, Lifeline: 0808 808 8000

Between December 2018 and February 2019 NUS-USI ran the largest ever survey examining non-consensual sexual experiences of further and higher education students across Northern Ireland. 2,200 students across Northern Ireland completed the survey, and NUS-USI launched the results at its National Conference in 2019.

This report revealed many deeply disturbing findings about the extent of sexual violence being experienced by students in Northern Ireland.

  • 28% of students surveyed had experienced some degree of unwanted sexual behaviour during their time at university or college.
  • Of these, only 5% who had told someone about their experiences had formally reported, it with 76% believing it wasn’t serious enough to report.
  • 5%, (over 100 students) had experienced attempted rape and 5% had been raped.
  • Of those who had experienced rape only 3 in 10 (30%) had sought treatment regarding sexual health or emergency contraception.
  • Only 15% of those who told someone about their experiences formally reported the incident.

The findings of this report have been shared with the Department of Justice.

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