Education & Welfare

NUS-USI campaigns to deliver the best possible deal for students on a wide range of issues relating to education and welfare.

We work to ensure that everyone can reach their potential through access to education. We try and ensure that students receive the highest quality of course possible and also work to widen access and participation in education.

NUS-USI aims to deliver the best outcomes for students as regards accommodation. We campaign for more purpose built student accommodation and for strong regulation of the private rented sector to help benefit students.

We aim to maintain and increase financial support for students, and we managed to ensure the best deal in the UK on EMA for students in Northern Ireland.

We also campaign to keep university tuition fees at their current level and to maintain and grow student support levels for FE and HE students. NUS-USI also campaigns to maintain, and increase, the number of student places available in FE and HE.

Pound in your pocket

This was the largest and most comprehensive survey ever conducted on student finance in Northern Ireland. This ambitious project involved NUS-USI conducting research on a very diverse range of areas, and was challenging but extremely worthwhile.

We examined both further and higher education, including people taking part in apprenticeships, to ensure that the broadest possible picture can be viewed regarding the challenges facing anyone undertaking vocational or academic courses.

The aim was to create a detailed picture of the financial situation of students in Northern Ireland. It also provides a very significant evidence base on a wide range of topics in relation to student finance.  You can download the research findings in the useful links section to the right.

Education resources

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Welfare resources

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