NUS-USI is led by the president who heads up the regional executive committee (REC). The president is responsible for the overall direction of the work of the REC, NUS-USI regional council (membership), NUS-USI conference and any ad-hoc working groups.

The president is a sabbatical role, and elections take place for this role annually at NUS-USI conference. The President is also a full time officer and a member of the National Executive of the National Union of Students and Union of Students in Ireland Officer Board.

As political leader of NUS-USI, the President meets with politicians and relevant stakeholders as well as engaging with the media and member student unions.

The remaining members of the REC are volunteers and the further education officer, welfare officer, campaigns & citizenship officer and environmental awareness officer are also elected at NUS-USI conference annually. NUS-USI women’s, LGBT+ and disabled students officers are elected at their respective conferences, where liberation committees are also elected to support the work of each liberation officer.

Priorities for the year are determined by the manifestos on which the officers are elected, NUS-USI policy, political events and the needs of the membership.

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FE Officer

The Further Education Officer’s role is to effect the policy of NUS-USI Further Education Conference. Only a student studying at Further Education College may stand for this position.

The FE Officer’s role involves supporting students’ unions in a further education setting and encourage student engagement within individual institutions, the FE sector and ultimately, the wider community.
This role involves all things to do with the Further Education system and colleges in Northern Ireland, from students themselves to FE policy and funding.

The FE campaign promotes an FE system with empowered learners has the power to transform lives and this principle is a fundamental part of our vision for a quality education and a better society.
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Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer’s role is to effect the policy of NUS-USI in relation to welfare matters, as determined by NUS-USI Conference.

Welfare covers a range of issues facing students across FE and HE. These issues often make the difference between students succeeding in education and not, and good welfare provision can really lay the groundwork for ensuring that students can engage with their studies effectively.

This role involves tackling structural and societal barriers to welfare services and ending stigma around sexual health and mental health.

Whether it’s through having affordable transport, decent accommodation, or adequate finance provision, welfare is at the heart of what the student movement does for its students.

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Campaigns and Citizenship Officer

The Campaigns and Citizenship Officer’s role is to effect the policy of NUS-USI Conference in regards to campaigns and elections, and student involvement in volunteering, charitable, and community projects.

The Campaigns and Citizenship Officer is also responsible for assisting and advising Member Unions on the development of campaigns and student-led activities. NUS-USI carries out citizenship work around registering students to vote for upcoming elections, and lobbying for legislative change to allow votes at sixteen.

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BAEM Officer

The Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer’s role is to effect the policy of the NUS-USI BAEM Conference and to represent students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage by working to ensure that the views and needs of BAEM students are heard in students’ unions and across wider society.

This campaign challenges all forms of racism and aims to remove the barriers that restrict many BAEM students from reaching their goals. It includes areas such as tackling the lack of academic and political representation and working towards an inclusive and representative curriculum.

It is an autonomous campaign which means that BAEM students elect the BAEM Officer and Committee, and set the campaign’s policies at NUS-USI BAEM Conference.

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Disabled Students’ Officer

The Disabled Students’ Officer’s role is to effect the policy of NUS-USI Disabled Students’ Conference and to work to positively impact disabled students’ lives towards freedom from oppression for disabled people.

NUS-USI Disabled students’ campaign exists to represent, and extend and defend the rights of disabled students through campaigning and activism. It is an autonomous campaign led by disabled students.

Disabled people are often cut out of decision-making processes because they are inaccessible. It’s vital that decisions about disabled people are led by disabled people.

The officer, committee, and policies are decided by disabled student representatives from across Northern Ireland at NUS-USI Disabled Students’ Conference.

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Women’s Officer

The Women’s Officer’s role is to effect the policy of NUS-USI Women’s Conference and to work to better the lives of women students towards freedom from oppression.

The Women’s campaign represents women students around the country and works to extend and defend their rights.
It is an autonomous campaign which is open to all who self-define as women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women.

The Women’s officer, committee and policies are decided at NUS-USI Women’s Conference which is attended by women student representatives from across Northern Ireland.

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LGBT+ Officer

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender + Officer’s role is to effect the policy of the NUS-USI LGBT+ Conference and to work to better the lives of LGBT+ students’ and towards freedom from oppression and discrimination.

The LGBT+ Campaign exists to provide political representation for, and campaign on behalf of, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans + students within Northern Ireland.

As well as fighting for social and political change, the campaign also seeks to empower LGBT+ students in their unions.

It is an autonomous campaign led by self-defining LGBT+ students who decide the policy and elect the NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer and Committee.

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NUS NEC 2nd Place

NUS-USI NEC 2nd Place is elected at NUS-USI Conference to represent NUS-USI in NUS UK’s National Executive Council (NEC).

NEC is made up of elected representatives from across NUS UK – some members are elected at NUS National Conference and others are elected at Nations (NUS Scotland. NUS Wales and NUS-USI), NUS Liberation and Sections conferences to ensure representation from those areas.

The NEC is the main scrutiny and accountability body for the political leadership of NUS UK. Between meetings of NUS National Conference, NEC oversees the political aspects of the organisation.

The National Executive Council solves disputes to do with the organisation’s priorities of work, receives reports from the NUS Trustee Board on key issues and prepares joint reports with the board for NUS National Conference.

For information about NUS NEC, click here.

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