Votes at 16

Over 1.5 million 16- and 17-year-olds are denied the vote in the United Kingdom. With MPs set to debate the issue in May, the case for Votes at 16 is now overwhelming.

So why is this important?

At 16, people become adults and take control of their own futures – so why can’t we have the basic right of all adult citizens of a say in how the country is run? We can:
•Leave school
•Work full-time
•Pay taxes
•Leave home
•Get married
•Join the armed forces

…but can’t vote for our MPs!

Young people need to be encouraged to take part in democracy, not kept out from it.

What can we do?

MPs will be debating Votes at 16 in Parliament on Friday 11 May. We need to make sure that our representatives attend this debate and support Votes at 16.

We’re organising a Targeted Day of Action, which is taking place on Friday 27 April (that’s 2 weeks before the debate) and we need you to contact your MP and ask them to attend the vote.


•Find out if your MP supports Votes at 16 by clicking here.

•To find out more about the campaign and what you can do visit the Fair.Vote website by clicking here.

Also get engaged!

Tweet a message to your MP asking them to support #Votesat16 #FairVote16. You can find your MP on Twitter by clicking here.

Create a short video on a phone/tablet with two key messages:
•Why votes at 16 is important.
•Asking them to attend the Private Members’ Bill on 11 May.

Post your video on Twitter, @ing your MP and using #Votesat16 during the Targeted Day of Action on Friday 27 April – please include @NUSUK and we will be sure to retweet!