Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. NUS-USI, students’ unions and students have worked tirelessly to promote peace on our campuses and in our communities. Our work predated the agreement when NUS and USI joined together in 1972 to represent students from both sides of the community. Ciaran Hanna, former NUS-USI executive […]

Posted Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes has said that government must urgently invest more in support services for victims of sexual violence and in research work around consent in Northern Ireland. NUS-USI is planning to roll-out a large survey in consent to students here later in the year. NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “I call on government […]

Posted Thursday, March 29th, 2018

NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran has welcomed moves to introduce marriage equality legislation for Northern Ireland through bills in the House of Commons and House of Lords. NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer Conor Loughran said: “I want to welcome the moves to try and deliver marriage equality here through bills in Westminster. I also wish to take […]

Posted Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

Olivia Potter-Hughes has today been re-elected to the role of President of NUS-USI for the coming year. The election took place at NUS-USI conference which was held today and yesterday at the Everglades Hotel in Derry/Londonderry. Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “It is a massive honour to have been re-elected to be the lead voice for students […]

Posted Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

At NUS-USI annual conference taking place tomorrow and Wednesday at the Everglades Hotel in Derry, student leaders from across Northern Ireland will be debating a motion about how to deliver the funding to end tuition fees here. The motion outlines several options for delivering increased funding from tertiary education, from creating an increased regional rates […]

Posted Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes has expressed solidarity with Trinity College Dublin students who have been opposing the imposition of a new €450 charge for re-sits. Olivia stated that the university must reverse its decision and engage pro-actively with students to address concerns that they have. NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “It is absolutely appalling that […]

Posted Thursday, March 15th, 2018

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes has said the budget for Northern Ireland announced yesterday has to result in the Department for the Economy re-prioritising its funding to invest more of its allocation into HE and FE. Olivia said such a move is crucial to increase opportunity and grow the economy here, and also said that the […]

Posted Friday, March 9th, 2018

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes has given her support to a letter from Alliance for Choice to Westminster Minister for Women and Equalities Amber Rudd, calling for significant reform of Northern Ireland’s abortion laws. NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes said: “NUS-USI supports Alliance for Choice and I strongly welcome this letter being sent to the Westminster Women […]

Posted Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Over the past few weeks a number of conferences have taken place, and NUS-USI officers have been elected at these respective conferences. On 13 February Women’s Conference was held at Ulster University in Belfast, on 14 February LGBT Conference was held at QUBSU, on 15 February Disabled Students’ Conference took place at NUS-USI’s office and […]

Posted Friday, February 23rd, 2018

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes has given the backing of NUS-USI student movement to University and College Union members who are taking strike action in the coming days regarding pensions. Olivia along with the President of Ulster University Students’ Union Kevin McStravock, and the President of Queen’s University Students’ Union Stephen McCrystall, have jointly written to […]

Posted Wednesday, February 21st, 2018