Having liberation officers on a students’ union exec or council, or on NUS-USI REC, ensures that the voices of oppressed groups of people can be heard. It is also sometimes explained as a way of taking steps to redress the balance in society – whereby progressive organisations actively seek the involvement and opinions of students in marginalised groups.

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What else have we been doing?

Letter to all MLAs and parties

NUS-USI Regional Council recently wrote to MLAs and political parties calling on them to deliver equality in Northern Ireland.

This letter expressed the need for an Executive which demonstrates respect and equality for all to return urgently. Some of the issues covered included:

• Uncertainty caused by Brexit and lack of a government
• The lack of diversity within political representation here
• Gender inequalities
• Challenging narratives which could create barriers to women becoming involved in politics
• The lack of choice and bodily autonomy in Northern Ireland
• Hardship faced by disabled students
• Reversal of cuts to the disabled students’ allowance
• Reform to PIP
• Support for trans, non-binary and intersex students
• Legal gender recognition reform
• The need for civil marriage equality
• The LGBT mental health crisis
• Moving in line with the rest of the UK on LGBT people making blood donations
• Prioritisation of increased integration in both our communities and classrooms
• The introduction of an Irish Language Act to create a better sense of community and cohesion
• The need for NI Relationship and sexuality education (RSE) reforms in our schools