Trans Campaign

What is the Trans Campaign?

The NUS-USI Trans campaign provides representation for transgender (including non-binary) students across Northern Ireland.  The campaign is also open to any student who is questioning their gender.

We are a newly established campaign led by trans students and we are working towards becoming a fully autonomous campaign with a trans officer and committee elected at a trans conference.

The campaign exists to fight for the rights of trans students in universities, colleges, further education institutes and in the wider society.

Why we need this campaign

Trans and gender non-conforming people make up approximately 1% of the population [1], so there are an estimated 18,100 trans and gender non-conforming people in Northern Ireland. Many people confuse gender identity and sexual orientation and are unaware of the differences in the LGBT+ community.  Trans and intersex students face many additional forms of discrimination both as students and in society.  Having an LGBT+ officer that isn’t trans doesn’t provide sufficient representation for trans students.

Trans students face waiting lists of over two years to access trans specific healthcare and may be denied other important healthcare because of their gender identity.  Legal gender recognition is a long, difficult, expensive process making it inaccessible for many trans students.

Discrimination – The facts

  1. More than a third of trans university students experienced negative comments or behaviour from staff (in relation to their gender identity) in the last year
  2. Trans people wait years on NHS waiting lists for assessment at the gender identity clinic
  3. 26% of British and 18% of Irish trans people felt discriminated when accessing health care
  4. Trans people are almost twice as likely to have undergone or been offered conversion therapy than cisgender respondents
  5. Almost a third of young trans people NI have experienced homelessness
  6. 66% of Irish and 70% of British trans people avoid expressing their gender for fear of assault and violence
  7. Young trans people in NI are more likely experience abuse:
    1. 86% have experienced verbal abuse
    2. 57% have experienced physical abuse
    3. 29% have experienced sexual abuse
  8. A third of British and Irish trans people have experienced hate motivated harassment in the last 12 months
  9. On a rating system, Trans people were less satisfied with life (5.4/10) in comparison to LGB people (6.5) and the general population (7.7)
  10. Most Northern Irish trans people aged 18-25 have considered suicide and almost half have attempted it at least once
  11. Half the young trans people in NI have self-harmed

Useful Contacts

Below is a list of organisations that can offer help and support for trans, non-binary, intersex and questioning people in Northern Ireland.  In addition, the LGBT+ campaign page lists general LGBT+ services that may also be of interest.

Belfast Trans Resource Centre

The Belfast Trans Resource Centre is a community hub for trans, non-binary and questioning people and their families and friends in the Belfast area.  They have a busy with regular events, support groups and community activities and host organisations such as SAIL, GenderJam, AffirmNI and Non-Binary+ NI.

They are open to the entire trans community including anyone who is questioning or unsure about their gender. Detailed accessibility information is available on their website.

📱: 02895 320 023

🌐: Belfast Trans Resource Centre

Social: Facebook or Twitter: @belfasttransrc

Address: Belfast Trans Resource Centre, 98 University Street, BELFAST, Northern Ireland, BT7 1HE


TransgenderNI is a website intended to be a support for those seeking information and support on trans and non-binary issues in Northern Ireland. Many of the support organisations for trans people and their families listed on this website are open to those who identify as non-binary, or who are questioning their gender.

🌐: TransgenderNI


GenderJam are a charity run by and for the young transgender community in Northern Ireland, based in Belfast and Newry.  They bring young trans, non-binary, questioning and intersex people together and create resources to help the community in Northern Ireland and beyond. They also provide individual support for young people experiencing difficulty with housing, education, healthcare and other issues that affect the trans community in the region.

📱: 028 90 996 819

🌐: GenderJam


Social: Facebook or Twitter: @GenderJamNI


SAIL provide specialised support for the families of trans, non-binary, gender-variant and questioning people across Northern Ireland. They run parent support groups across the region as well as providing individual support for parents, carers, siblings and wider family members who may need guidance and information.

📱: 028 95 320 023


Social: Facebook or Twitter: @SAIL_NI

Non-binary NI

Non-Binary Northern Ireland is a community group for people living in Northern Ireland who identify outside of the gender binary. This includes genderqueer, gender-variant, agender, gender questioning, gender-fluid and any other gender identity that does not fit into the categories of male or female.

🌐: Non-binary NI


Social: Facebook or Twitter: @nonbinaryni


AffirmNI is a community-based support network for all Transgender, Gender queer & Intersexed people irrespective of your stage of transition, identity or sexual orientation. They are primarily based in Derry/Londonderry they serve the whole of Northern Ireland & the border counties.

📱: 02871261941

🌐: AffirmNI


Social: Facebook or Twitter: @AffirmNI

MindLine Trans

Mindline trans is a UK wide confidential, non-judgemental listening space for people who identify as trans, non-binary and their friends and families to talk. There trained listeners identify as trans, non-binary or gender fluid (occasional cisgender allies may take calls).  They are open Monday-Friday 8pm-midnight.

📱: 0300 3305468

🌐: MindLine Trans

Social: Facebook or Twitter: @MindlineTrans