Women’s Campaign

This year our lead campaign, Trust Us will advocate for the decriminalisation of abortion and access to free, safe, legal and local abortion services in Northern Ireland. NUS-USI has policy in favour of both and a mandate to campaign alongside pro choice organisations including Alliance for Choice and Gender Jam.

Contact your women’s officer here.

Values of the NUS-USI Women’s Campaign

The NUS-USI Women’s Campaign was created by women students who wanted to see the student movement tackle sexism and misogyny on both individual and structural levels.The Women’s Campaign exists to defend and extend the rights of self-identifying women students – as students and as members of society. Issues that affect women students’ everyday lives, e.g. sexual and domestic violence, equal pay, access to healthcare and affordable childcare, are inherently student issues.  NUS-USI is committed to fighting for the liberation of women in all spheres, with particular attention to the needs of women students.


Women’s Resource and Development Agency (WRDA)

The Women’s Resource and Development Agency (WRDA) provides support for women’s groups and networks across Northern Ireland. Established in 1983 (and formerly known as the Women’s Education Project), they are a regional organisation with a mission to advance women’s equality and participation in society. They work to achieve social, economic, political and cultural transformation and engage with women’s groups from disadvantaged urban and rural areas across Northern Ireland.


Women’s Resource and Development Agency 6 Mount Charles Belfast Co. Antrim BT7 1NZ Tel No: 028 9023 0212 Fax No: 028 9024 4363 Email: info@wrda.net

Reclaim the Agenda

Reclaim the Agenda is a collective of women sector representatives, grassroots feminist activists, trade union activists and interested individuals who campaign on 6 key themes:

  1. To live free from poverty
  2. To live free from discrimination
  3. To have healthcare services that meet our particular needs
  4. To live our lives free from domestic and sexual violence and abuse
  5. To live in a society where women are equally represented as decision maker
  6. To have access to good, affordable and flexible childcare provision


Belfast Feminist Network

Belfast Feminist Network began organising in 2010 following a series of discussion groups that revealed a growing desire for a space for open feminist community and opportunities for activism. Since that time the group has grown in number to encompass over 1000 online members and a dynamic and fluid group of event organisers and attendees, activists, protestors, marchers, workshop participants, debaters, creators, performers, crafters, and people who want to meet together to challenge sexism, to change outcomes for women and to indulge in a bit of patriarchy smashing whenever the opportunity arises.



Alliance for Choice

The grassroots pro choice group Alliance for Choice was set up in 1996 and currently campaigns for free, safe and legal abortion access in Northern Ireland. In addition to a core group of activists, Alliance for Choice is supported by many volunteers who amplify the campaign for abortion reform. AFC runs an outreach stall from 2pm to 4pm every Saturday in Belfast’s Cornmarket to engage with members of the public and discuss the need for abortion access in Northern Ireland. At present, Alliance for Choice is lobbying MPs to support an amendment which would decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland by repealing sections 58 and 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act.