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Finding registered childcare is the central government register of Registered and Approved Childcare Providers throughout Northern Ireland.

We work closely with the Early Years Teams within the Health and Social Care Trusts, who are responsible for registering and inspecting childcare providers. They inform us of newly registered or ceased childcare providers, and any changes to their details.

We also work with childcare providers to provide as much detail as possible on the service they provide (including current vacancy information), to try to make it as easy as possible for parents or carers to find suitable childcare to meet their and their child/rens’ needs.

To find childcare providers who are in your local area, go to ‘Search Childcare Services’ and select the drop-down for ‘Type of Provider’ then input your Full Postcode and select your required distance (located within 1, 5, 10, 20 miles)

You can filter results by vacancies, experience of disability/complex needs, school pick-up, drop off, flexible working hours etc to find childcare to best meet your needs and the need of your child/ren.

Why register? / Why use registered childcare?

Registered childcare providers are vetted, registered, insured and inspected. They must adhere to the minimum standards of care. This is to help ensure:

  • Parents can be reassured that the care their child/ren is receiving and the environment in which it is provided meets at least the MINIMUM standards of care
  • Children are protected (childcarers are vetted/facilities are inspected and safe/childcare providers are appropriately trained/health & safety and safeguarding procedures are in place/safe environment/childcare providers working in partnership with parents, etc.)
  • Childcare providers are protected (policies and procedures are in place/guidance and support to access relevant training/insurance policy in place/guidance on record keeping, etc.)
  • Good quality childcare and best practice is promoted
  • Childcare providers can receive help and guidance from their Social Worker/Early Years Team
  • Parents/carers can who are entitled to financial support to help pay towards their childcare costs, can only claim these benefits by using Registered or Approved Childcare

Parents/carers are encouraged to ask Childcare providers to view their registration/approval certificates that are issued by the Registering Early Years Team.

You can also check that your childcare provider is registered by checking they are listed on the public childcare register.

You should check this periodically to ensure that your childcare provider has not ceased registration or approval without your knowledge.

Family Support Services

There is also a Family Support directory on which provides contact details of various family support services for students and their families.

Details of statutory, voluntary and community family support services throughout Northern Ireland are listed including Mental Health, Drug/Alcohol Misuse, Disability, Domestic/Sexual Abuse, Carers, etc

Go to Search for Family Support Service and choose type of service required, input your Full Postcode and select your required distance (located within 1, 5, 10, 20 miles)

If you cannot find the service you require at ‘Choose a Service’ you should use the ‘Keyword Search’ instead. For example type in ‘Student Finance’

After you have performed a search – results can be translated into a range of languages using the Google translate option at bottom of page.

If you have any queries about, please contact us on phone on 0845 600 6483 or email

Useful resources:

Webchat – Parents can access free support directly from the webchat service between 8-8 Mon-Thus and 8-5 on Friday.


Top Tips for parents – this resource covers a range of topics from bullying to promoting independence.

Childcare A5 Leaflet

Family Support A5 Leaflet