NUS-USI Assembly Elections 2016


“Owning Our Future”

“We are a community of learners with a social conscience, and it’s about time we talked openly, honestly and strategically about the vision we have for Northern Ireland, and about the hopes we have for a prosperous, socially just, thriving and safe Northern Ireland…We can be the driving force behind a democratic revolution…The Assembly election in 2016 provides us with an opportunity we cannot waste”

Fergal McFerran, NUS-USI President


Since August 2015 we’ve been engaged in a significant consultation process with students and students’ unions across Northern Ireland, visiting University and College campuses and hosting workshops with students’ union officers to get a sense of the challenges our student body faces today.

We’re using all of that information to form a student manifesto ahead of the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly elections. That manifesto will represent the student movement’s vision for a better education system and a better society in Northern Ireland.

Alongside creating the #OwningOurFuture manifesto, we’re coordinating a number of other things to compliment the campaign. To get involved in our #OwningOurFuture campaign check out the details below.

1. Voter Registration:

During the week commencing Monday 1st February we’re going to be touring campuses across Northern Ireland to register students to vote. We’re providing resources to every students’ union to help them to engage students. We’re currently planning the week of activities, so if you would like to volunteer to help register students to vote in your own University or College, or if you have any ideas of activities we should run get in touch with or contact your own students’ union.

Find out more about the voter registration tour here.

Download the NUS-USI voter registration toolkit and use it as a guide to run your own voter registration activities!

2. Launching the #OwningOurFuture Manifesto:

At the end of our voter registration week on Friday 5th February 2016 we’ll be launching the student manifesto. Save the date for now, register your interest with and we’ll confirm details in the new year.

3. Activist training events

We know that trying to understand politics in Northern Ireland can be quite difficult sometimes, and that many people don’t believe they have the knowledge or expertise to engage with politicians so we’re going to organising a series of activist training events in the new year.

Our activist training days will equip people with the knowledge to understand how the Assembly election works, introduce them to campaigning skills and develop their ability to engage with and lobby election candidates about the issues that matter to them.

To register your interest in attending one of our activist training events just email

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If you have any questions about the #OwningOurFuture campaign just get in touch with NUS-USI President, Fergal McFerran by emailing