Our governance

NUS-USI’s constitution

The constitution is the governing document of NUS-USI.  Any amendment to the constitution must be submitted to NUS-USI conference, and requires a two thirds majority of delegates in attending conference.

To see a copy of the latest constitution which was amended at NUS-USI conference 2018 click here.

NUS-USI’s student leadership

NUS-USI is led by the president who heads up the regional executive committee (REC). The president is responsible for the overall direction of the work of the REC, NUS-USI regional council, NUS-USI conference and any ad-hoc working groups. The president is a paid position, and elections take place for this role annually at NUS-USI conference.

The remaining members of the REC are volunteers. These positions provide an opportunity for students to develop skills that transfer effectively to the workplace.

The further education officer, welfare officer and campaigns & citizenship officer are also up for election at NUS-USI conference annually. NUS-USI further education, women’s, BAEM, LGBT+ and disabled students officers are elected at their respective conferences, where liberation committees are also elected to support the work of each liberation officer.

NUS-USI’s trustee board

Responsibilities of the board of trustees include the management and administration of NUS-USI; the budgets of NUS-USI and the appointment of a returning officer to steering committee.  The board is only able to overrule administrative implications of decisions of conference, council, the executive and committees based on financial risk or legal requirements, however, does not have any power to overrule or amend policy or constitutional changes.

The trustee board consists of not more than three lay trustees; not more than three student trustees; and not more than four REC trustees, one of whom is the NUS-USI president.

The student trustee positions provide an opportunity for students to develop skills that transfer effectively to the workplace.

NUS-USI’s steering committee

Steering committee is responsible for the calling of NUS-USI conference, drafting commissions, credentials, elections, the conference order paper and disputes.  NUS-USI elections are the responsibility of the returning officer who sits on steering.

There are four members of steering, three of whom are elected at NUS-USI conference: the remaining member, the returning officer, is appointed by the board of trustees and ratified at regional council.