Student or officer in ROI

I’m a student or officer in ROI

  • Join our Mailing List to keep up to date with our campaign by emailing
  • Encourage your students to take part in our Share Your Story project (see below for details)
  • Educate others on the abortion laws in Northern Ireland.
  • Create Solidarity Policy in your Students’ Union
  • Write to your elected representatives
  • Fundraise for Alliance for Choice or the Abortion Support Network
  • Continue Repeal momentum with an active focus on the North.
  • Come to Rally for Choice in Belfast

Share Your Story

NUS-USI are looking for students from across the UK and Ireland to anonymously share their abortion stories in solidarity with students in Northern Ireland who cannot legally access abortion.
We want to create an interactive map of students’ unions across the UK and Ireland, filled with anonymous stories of students’ experiences of abortion. The names and identities of these students will remain anonymous and we will attribute the stories to the unions who collected them, only to give geographical context.
The purpose of this solidarity project is to illustrate that access to abortion is a student issue and that students across these islands share many similar experiences in terms of reproductive healthcare.
We also want to highlight that students in Northern Ireland cannot share their abortion stories in this way due to Section 5 of the Criminal Law Act (Northern Ireland) 1967. The effect of this law is to make it a crime not to report knowledge of a crime, e.g. abortion, to the police (PSNI). This legal duty would bind NUS-USI to report any students who shared their experiences with us relating to the use of safe but illegal abortion pills.
NUS-USI firmly believe that abortion access is a human right and we need the solidarity of unions in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland to highlight this struggle.

If your union wants to take part in this campaign:

  • Brief your students on the purpose of the Share Your Story project and the Trust Us campaign.
  • Set up a platform that allows your students to safely disclose their stories anonymously to you.
  • Make it clear to participants how their stories will be used and that their personal information will not be included in the interactive map.
  • Send anonymous students’ stories to the NUS-USI Women’s Officer at and make sure you let us know which students’ union you are from!