History of NUS-USI

The National Union of Students-Union of Students in Ireland (NUS-USI) was established in 1972 under a unique arrangement where both the British and Irish national student unions, National Union of Students (NUS) and Union of Students in Ireland (USI) respectively, jointly organised in Northern Ireland to promote student unity across the sectarian divide.

The original agreement was revised in 2012. This resulted in the current trilateral agreement which was signed by the presidents of NUS, USI and NUS-USI at an event held at Parliament Buildings, Stormont in 2012 which took place to celebrate 40 years of collaboration between the national unions.

The trilateral committee meets three times annually; once in London, once in Dublin and once in Belfast. The committee comprises the presidents of NUS, USI and NUS-USI, and is attended by a manager from each.

You can find a copy of the trilateral agreement here.

Here is a document written by Ciarán Hanna on ‘The Organisation and Development of NUS and USI in Northern Ireland – 1970–1990’

Here is ‘A brief political overview – 1972-2012’ which was put together for the 40th anniversary of NUS-USI.

NUS-USI represents the interests of around 200,000 students in Northern Ireland and campaigns on their behalf in many different fields such as student hardship, health, prejudice and accommodation.

We also provide an infrastructure that helps individual students’ unions in the North of Ireland to develop their own work through our research, training and development functions.

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