Our mission, vision & values

Our mission

NUS-USI’s agreed mission is

    • To promote, extend and defend the rights of students
    • To develop and champion strong students’ unions

Our vision

In attempting to review why the organisation was established and why it continues to exist, the following vision has been proposed:

The vision of NUS-USI is to promote social justice and reduce educational inequality where everyone has the right to participate in a society, which respects diversity and human rights.

Every student will play an active part in and be a respected member of a society that values learning, participating with their students’ union locally, and nationally through NUS-USI, which will continue to be the recognised voice of students in Northern Ireland.

Our values

The values that underpin this mission can be described as follows:

NUS-USI is committed to working in accordance with the following core values:

    • Openness – We strive for transparency in all our operations and are committed to providing access to our information for our members and the general public.
    • Accountability – We strive to be member focused and responsive to the needs of students’ Unions, students and other stakeholders and encourage their participation in our governance.
    • Effectiveness – We are committed to the efficient and effective use of resources. We actively seek feedback and evaluate our performance.
    • Excellence – We seek to be creative and innovative and are committed to continuous improvement.
    • Diversity – We value diversity and are committed to equality of opportunity. At all times we will treat individuals with dignity and respect.
    • Independence – We seek to be completely independent from any Government, political party, group of activists, business or other interest group and to preserve our ethos as an organisation run ‘by students for students’.
    • Collectivism – We believe that student organisations should be student-led and that education is a benefit to the individual and to society.